Dominatrix and Showgirl

The Dark Frau is a sublime fusion of dark fantasy and alluring performance, she will take you on a journey of sheer joy and tease out your innermost desires, she will leave you satisfied but always wanting more…


Lexi Dark

I am known for my beautiful ass and my curvaceous, hourglass figure.  I have a wonderful relationship with myself and I know who and what I am at all times. 

I am atypical in appearance from the norm of Berlin and other European Showgirls, but I feel the diversity works in my favour.

I perform in beautiful color and bright creations, as a direct dichotomy to my ultra sensual, dominant and sometimes shocking performances.


Domina Frau Dark

Imagine me walking in very slowly. My heels click on the floor, getting louder and with each approaching step you fall deeper in to anxiety. The anticipation of what is to come builds heavily. As I bend over and crack the belt in your ear you realize that this will be more fun for me than it will be for you.

Contact The Dark Frau

Please give as much information as possible when sending me a message, I am busy and do not have time to tease out of you what you want.

I may take up to 72-96 hours to respond to your request; bookings are not available same day unless I’m listed as available on the Lux calendar.


Berlin Based, can travel within EU


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